The unthinkable has happend, the U.K has voted to leave the E.U.  So where do we go now?  Judging by the tone of the debate, and the establishment media coverage, the future looks far from rosy.

From the Nigel Farage little England show, to the rabid right wing ideas of Michael Gove and Boris Johnsone, you may not realise there is any alternative. With the mainstream  left of centre parties throwing their lot in with the remain camp,  there now exists a dangerous vacum which is being filled by  reactionary populists.

There is an opertunity here though,  to push ahead outwith the E.U with a new vision for the U.K.  The E.U has been inherantly anti democratic since its inception, and moves continually towards closer economic and banking union, while pushing the failed neo-liberal policies which started the current financial crisis.  Breaking away from this and independantly forging a socialised future must be the focus of the left now.

Hopefully Corbyn survives the latest coup from the labour right wing, and leads the fight to regain control of the narrative. Otherwise I fear we are in for a long and brutal reign of neo liberal cuts and de-regulation,  with another recession on the way.






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